Our Property Acquisition Focus Areas

Ocean Block Capital focuses on net-lease commercial properties for its investment. Our focus consists of retail, restaurant and QSR, medical, and industrial net-lease—both within the single and multi tenant asset classes. 


The specific property and tenant types listed here are non-exhaustive, and should you decide to sell to us, you’re welcome to submit your property through our website for our strategists to consider as part of our portfolio.


The physical nature of the properties we work with includes:


1: Single Tenant: This is a single asset structure, and is colloquially known as “Free standing”. Generally, these structures are businesses that have their own premises and parking lots. Examples include pharmacies, quick service restaurants, gas stations, and other similar businesses that might operate in volume through the day, and need to accommodate for people and vehicle traffic, without being affected by flanking businesses.


2: Multi-Tenant: These properties possess similar characteristics to the “physicality” of single-tenant—meaning, they’re a multitude of individual, joined or unjoined structures in a complex or zone. These properties either have their own parking areas demarcated, or might share the space. These businesses are generally not close alternatives of each other, but are complementary for each other. For example, one property might include a pharmacy, restaurant, gas station, and a retail store in the same lot, but either physically separate or conjoined as in the case of a strip mall.


3: Anchored Multi-Tenant: This model is multi-tenant as well, and might be physically joined or unjoined, with the premises and parking that might be shared. However, a striking difference is that one or few businesses in the lot tend to be destination locations possessing a larger square footage footprint within the center. Other businesses in the vicinity may be complementary to each other, with no close alternative. This is seen in larger strip centers that may house a cinema, retailer, quick service or chain restaurants, a gas station, and perhaps non-emergency medical services, and other smaller stores. The “Anchor” here is the one key business that drives in the traffic, and allows for the traffic to stay in the vicinity for the other businesses to be patronized. The other businesses are of diverse tenancy types that range in square footage, credit rating, and the goods and services they provide.

The tenant types we generally focus working with include:


1: Retail: Self-explaining, this category includes, and is not limited to, pharmacies, stores, service locations, gas stations, convenience stores, and more. The physical structure and surrounding area is equipped to handle a quick in-and-out customer, and their parking needs.


2: Medical Office: These assets are built to not only cater to customers and their parking needs, but also for the transportation of the sick, or heavy medical equipment. They feature wider doorways and hallways, dedicated parking spaces for medical emergencies or transportation vehicles, and might have designated areas to store equipment like oxygen cylinders and concentrators, Nitrous oxide, etc in a safe manner.


3: Industrial: These are large, complex properties, with not only the space for equipment and machinery housed within the structure, but has the infrastructure for the movement of vehicles that move or repair the machinery, in addition to various other features typical of individual industrial use. These properties feature large, dedicated parking spaces for the extensive number of employees working there, and are generally isolated from nearby structures.


4: Restaurant: While this generally falls into the retail category, restaurants have key features that distinguish them from regular retail. At times, the physicality of the asset must allow for commercial cooking and equipment, exhausting, and be physically distanced from certain other businesses and properties that could cause potential contamination or similar issues.

If your property fits the above categories, or doesn’t, you can submit it for consideration on our website. Alternatively, you can reach out to our associates, who will assess if it fits our portfolio, and work with you on an offer.