Why Ocean Block Capital

Here are 5 reasons why Ocean Block Capital might be the right choice of partner, to sell your Net-Lease property to.


1: We’re Principals

Ocean Block Capital is not a broker—we’re principal investors in net-lease properties. When you choose to work with us directly, you save on broker fees, and the effort of dealing with another party to the transactions. That said, we welcome deals through brokers, and are happy to work with sell-side brokers working with principal sellers.


2: We make Cash-Offers on your net-lease properties

Should you submit your details through the “Submit Your Property” link, or should we contact you regarding your property, we would have completed reviewing the information of your net-lease property, and may be in a position to make an immediate cash-offer, if and when possible. If you've sent in your property information, feel free to check-in with us on the status, if we take longer that you'd have expected.


3: We work across the United States

While our team is physically present in New York, NY, our interests span across the continental United States, and include Alaska and Hawai’i. So whether you’re physically based in one state, and selling your property in another, be assured that we’re well equipped to operate without distance challenges in the acquisition of your net-lease space.


4: We can close deals at your preferred speed—super-fast, or super-steadily

Whether it is a regular deal, or a 1031 Exchange, our team is equipped with going at the speed you're most comfortable with. If you've just started looking to sell, considering selling immediately, or selling your net-lease property is on your future plans, we're happy to work with you closely, through each step of the selling process, maintaining the working pace that you prefer.


5: We might pre-approve your property

We're constantly looking for opportunities to continue our investments in, keeping in mind our focus on certain business segments, and local economies. We hope our associates reaching out to you directly allows you to save on time and effort, in looking for a buying party yourself or through a broker.